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♥ New floral designs available for purchase! ♥


Our complete collection of Easter-themed bows are now available for purchase!*

*Easter Hello Kitty Bow & Baby Bunnies Bow are exclusive to the USA until 4/20/14


unbuhliever asked:
Do you know when it will be completely okay to send an order through? c:

xCosmic Kisses is now officially reopened & ready for orders! (:
Processing times on the “drip” style bows have been extended to 1-2 weeks to keep up with the large amount of open orders this shop typically receives, but will always be shipped out much sooner when business is slow.

Anonymous asked:
i'm so glad to see the shop back up! i can't wait until i can place an order :3 i hope everything goes much better for you this time around!

I’m glad to see it back up, too! Thank you for this message, your support means everything. <3

Preview of some Easter designs that will be available for purchase soon!

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So here is what’s going on…

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My last post regarding USPS / Permanently closing?

USPS still has yet to do anything about my missing packages. I have called them almost every day for a week and have gone down to the post office to speak with supervisors and nothing has been resolved. They will not call me back about investigating my packages, they just give the same line, ”We’ve added a ‘high priority’ note to your case. You should receive a call in 1-2 business days.” I am so livid. I’m also in debt now thanks to their inability to do their job correctly & it’s quite apparent I will never receive word or compensation for their incompetence.

I’m reshipping orders to those who were affected. I’m sorry to my customers, I promise you all that I tried my best to recover your packages.

Addressing the second part of this post title… These reships I’m sending out are a test of whether or not my local USPS sorting facility has their act together again. If they reach their destinations without a problem, I’ll consider opening my shop again. If not, I’m done. 100% done.

So, if these reships do arrive problem-free, I’ll consider opening xCosmic Kisses again if enough people want me to. I’m pretty much over being stressed out about my shop & lost the interest to carry on with it. I need encouragement or anything to inspire me to continue not only with the inevitable drama, but also creating new items & working with the kind people that give me their business. Running an independent business is a lot to deal with, but I’ll keep doing it for my supporters.

If you would rather give an anonymous answer to this post, there’s an ask box for that. (:

Thank you & I look forward to any & all answers!
- Tabitha

Anonymous asked:
When will you be reopening I'm dying to get my hands on you super cute bows

When USPS gets their mess together, but thanks for the compliment! (: